Our aim is, to support you as property owner to be able to sell your property as fast as possible. It is easy understandable that, the more your property is present in the market, the more potential buyers will see it and this shortens the time until YOUR buyer appears.

A short example: Lets say every 2,000 contacts you can generate 1 lead and you need 15 leads to generate 1 potential buyer. Also it´s probable that you need to negotiate with 5 potential buyers until your property finally is sold. Your agency generates 3,000 contacts per week. So they generate 1,5 leads per weeks, meanings it takes 10 weeks until the first potential buyer appears. After 5 negotiations nearly one year has passed. Involving two agencies will not result in sale within half a year, because of some intersections, but it shortens the time significantly.

Ok, and now imagine 20 agencies offering your property. Minus intersections they might have 20,000 real contacts per week generating 10 leads. Within two months you will negotiate with the fifth buyer and your property can be sold. There are a lot more influencing factors, but the principle is evident: more offer -> more contacts -> less time until sale.

And this is how we support you:

  • Personal listing consultation
  • Evaluation of the market in your area
  • Taking professional photographs of your property
  • Preparing complete documentation including window cards and exposes at least in 3 languages for the real estate agencies
  • Market your property to Real Estate Agents
  • Organizing an Open House for Real Estate Agents
  • Organization of client viewings in accordance with the property owner
  • Preparation of the property before viewings with clients,
  • Realization of viewings with agencies clients
  • Reporting afterwards to the property owner
  • Regular reporting about all activities

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